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Jem Cain Sign

Show your support for Jem by putting up a lawn or window sign!

To order a sign, please phone our campaign office at 416-259-7328 or send us an e-mail. You can also use the form below.

Signs will be displayed during the month of October until election day, October 25th 2010, after which they will be removed.

Show your support for Jem and your community, right now!
Please print off a sign and display in your windows.
Or call us and we will drop one off.

Window sign 11 x 17 (PDF)  or Window sign 16 x 24 (PDF) 

Request a sign

Please provide your house number and street.

Provide any additional information, if necessary, or any questions/concerns you might have about our signs.

Posted by Jem Cain