Change that Makes a Difference

Since mega city was created residents and small businesses feel left out of local decision-making and consultation. Jem’s goal is to connect Ward 6 neighbourhoods to their City Hall:

  • Opening a constituency office in Ward 6
  • Establishing a Community Advisory Group to provide feedback on neighbourhood and city-wide issues
  • Ensuring that more public meetings are held in the evening


Jem has listened to the concerns of the community. She does not support road tolls and wants Transit City ammended to put the LRT on the Queensway connecting to Sherway Gardens

  • Restore Lakeshore Streetcar service from Long Branch to Humber or Dundas West subway
  • Work with federal and provincial representatives to secure additional funding for TTC expansion
  • Build safe bicycle lanes and paths that protect cyclists and pedestrians


Jem works with neighbourhoods to encourage developers to listen to the needs and vision of the community. She will make sure that:

  • Developer payments for community improvements are used in consultation with the community
  • Neighbourhoods are fully informed of all development proposals
  • Local concerns and recommendations are heard and taken into account by City Staff


A well run city creates a sustainable environment for businesses and residents. The development of vacant industrial lands in Ward 6 are an opportunity to introduce new jobs into our community. Jem will:

  • Work with Build Toronto to attract clean industry, business and jobs
  • Support the expansion of Humber College to bring vitality to our community


South Etobicoke has seen large condo and townhouse developments. Jem recognizes the need to:

  • Ensure existing affordable housing is protected
  • Ensure that new housing includes units to attract young families and enable those already living here to become home owners


Jem understands and will support the needs of local groups:Help Women's Habitat to find a new facility

  • Ensure vacant schools and green space are kept community use
  • Continue to work with LAMP to keep our community healthy
  • Upgrade existing playgrounds, splash-pads and ball courts
  • Improve and expand library collections and increase computer access


Enabling seniors and people with disabilities to stay in their own home and community is very important to Jem. She will:

  • Actively support agencies like Storefront Humber and Etobicoke Services for Seniors, Franklin Horner Community Centre and the Dorothy Ley Hospice
  • Promote free transit for seniors during off-peak hours


Jem knows the importance of improving the quality of life and health in South Etobicoke. Jem will:

  • Encourage Green Development, and the renewal of older apartment towers
  • Support the Waste Reduction targets of the City
  • Work to reduce smog and toxins in our City and community
  • Protect the Green Belt around Toronto
Posted by Jem Cain