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What local people are saying about Jem Cain...
From development, to zoning, to parks; if there’s a problem or an issue in our community, Jem’s on it. She works so tirelessly as a volunteer, I can only imagine what she could do if it was her full-time job!
Brian Bailey, Long Branch Resident

I endorse Jem Cain because she will be an articulate knowledgeable representative on City Council. Ward 6 needs her intelligent tireless efforts to work for the big changes occurring in the Lakeshore.

Dorothy Wheeler, Mimico Resident

The only person in Ward 6 I can recommend to you is JEM CAIN. Her success on community issues like the Toronto Redi-Mix concrete plant came from her persistence and an obsession to work for the citizenry. I support Jem Cain. I have her sign on my lawn, and I’ll be voting for her on October 25. I ask that you do the same.

Greg Wowchuk, Alderwood Resident & 2006 Candidate for City Council

We are extremely pleased to endorse Jem's candidacy for councillor. Heavily involved with a proven excellent understanding of the issues affecting the Lakeshore, she will be an honest and sincere agent for change at City Hall.
Gary Richardson & Vickie Hansen-Richardson, Mimico Residents 

Jem cares. Jem LISTENS. A key part of her open-ness is to establish a constituency office on the Lakeshore. Jem Cain has my vote!

Wendy Gamble, New Toronto Resident

Jem Cain cares about people and about our community. She has my vote.

Irene Jones, Mimico Resident 
Former Ward 6 Councillor

Jem truly cares for our community. It is not about the money she will make as a councillor, it is about fair and honest representation of her constituents. Jem has proven to be a person of integrity and commitment when it comes to our community and I and my husband will proudly cast our vote for Jem Cain and we hope you’ll do the same.

Terry Johnson, Humber Bay Shores Resident

Long Branch is changing. I trust Jem Cain to consult us and then do what is right.

Ruth Grier, Long Branch Resident
Former Minister of Health and the Environment

I have worked with Jem on a volunteer Board for several years and have been repeatedly inspired by her commitment to (our) community - while the rest of us are hoping for change she’s out there making it happen.

Val Alston, Mimico Resident

Jem is committed to the improvement of our neighbourhood by putting people first. We need a councillor like Jem Cain.

Ramiro Mora, Mystic Pointe Resident

If you want a representative who is truly inter-ested in our problems and who will work actively and relentlessly to find solutions, vote for Jem Cain! There is no better candidate!

Jem Cain jest mieszkanką naszego okręgu wyborczego, która jest bardzo zaangażowana w działalność społeczną na rzecz poprawy warunków życia mieszkańców Etobicoke – Lakeshore. Jeśli chcecie państwo, by reprezentowała Was osoba, która jest autentycznie zainteresowana naszymi problemami i będzie aktywnie i niestrudzenie pracowała by je rozwiązać-głosujcie na Jem Cain! Znam Jem od pięciu lat i uważam, że nie ma lepszego kandydata na radnego.

Anna Janasik, New Toronto Resident
Mieszkanka dzielnicy New Toronto; nauczycielka szkoły średniej

I’ve known Jem for many years and she has always been a tireless advocate for the Etobicoke-Lakeshore community. I have complete confidence in her abilities to represent me and my family at City Hall.

Jason Mote, Mystic Pointe Resident

I never knew the meaning of community activism until I met Jem. She is a tireless worker who gets involved in countless community initiatives to make our neighbourhoods better, safer, greener. She doesn’t just talk about it - she gets it done!

Allen Groome, Mimico Resident

Jem Cain, Ruth Grier and Blake Kinahan "Jem Cain has shown by her record of hard work, genuine consultation and leadership, that she can protect our neighbourhoods and improve our community.

We need someone like Jem to stand up for the Lakeshore at City Hall."

Ruth Grier - Long Branch Resident & former Minister of Health and the Environment
& Blake Kinahan - former Metro Councillor

Don Pulfer and Jem Cain"I knew both the current Councillor and Jem Cain while they were growing up. Jem is getting my vote. She is the best candidate because she cares about our neighbourhood and she cares about the people in it."

Don Pulfer
Ward 6 Resident for 66 years

 Jem Cain & Daniel Brooks"Jem Cain is the most impressive grassroots reformer I have ever met. She is an exceptional consensus-maker and a natural leader. She has worked tirelessly and successfully on behalf of all citizens. She is honest, hard-working and dedicated - most of all, she gets thing done."

Daniel Brooks
Former New Toronto Resident & University of Toronto Biology Professor & Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Jem Cain deserves our vote and respect for her tireless work on behalf of our community!

Jem has worked on behalf of the community, navigating her way through the bureaucracy at City Hall, establishing key relationships in all municipal departments, which are where solutions come from.

Jem doesn't accept no for an answer, where creative solutions are a must. If you're concerned about your community, a vote for Jem CAIN is the answer!

Daniel J. Skrobot 
Mimico resident & Business Executive

Posted by Jem Cain